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October UrthBox Review

Healthy snacks delivered monthly?  Why not!  I was very excited to try out this monthly subscription box as I am always looking for healthy snacks to reach for, especially at work.  Want to know what I liked and what I disliked?  Find out….

What is Urthbox?
Per their website, Urthbox is all about the delicious discovery of healthy new snacks. Every month we'll help you discover safe, healthy and natural products from trustworthy brands that you can purchase at your local stores or at the UrthBox Shop.
Urthbox offers several different boxes to meed your specific needs and lifestyle including Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet boxes.

What it costs?
Urthbox offers several different sized boxes and offers free shipping to US customers.  Check them out at
Small: 7-10 products-$19/Month
Medium: 12-15products- $29/Month (This is a review of a medium box)
Large: 20-24 products-$49/Month

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Now let’s get to the good stuff…The snacks!  The box did come with a card, but did not detail out the items in the box.  I was not expecting to get so many different snacks, so this was a plus!  I actually did try all of the snacks so I could give you an honest review.

Nutty Rice Bites with Cranberries-1.25oz ($1.49)
These were my absolute favorite out of all of the snacks this month.  These are oven baked and gluten free.  They have roasted nuts and pumpkin seeds.  They almost taste like a cereal puff with the added sweetness of the cranberries.  I would buy these!

Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, Lightly Salted ($3.79)
I like Edamame, so I enjoyed these as well!  I like the hint of salt as it brings the flavors all together.  This is another item I could snack on in the future.

Kitchen Table Bakers Aged Parmesan Mini Crisp
Honestly, these were probably one of my least favorite items to eat alone as a snack.  I think I would like them in a different flavor, as it was a little too parmesan taste for me.  I am not giving up on these though, as I do think they would be great in a salad or soup.

Goldbaums Multigrain Quinoa Crips in Sea Salt
These are a multi-grain crisp that reminds me a little of a rice cake.  These were pretty good.  I am going to try dipping them in some hummus.

Beanfields Bean and Rice BBQ Chips
No sugar! and Barbecue!!  These were better than I thought they would be.  They do have a lot of BBQ flavor unlike some normal potato chips.  They are more dense tasting than a normal chip, but still satisfying.

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips
I am not a fan of sweet potato fries, so I was not sure what I would think about these.  The smell is a little odd when you first open these.  If you love sweet potato fries, you will LOVE these.  I will eat these as a snack one day at work, but would not buy them for myself.  This is more of a personal taste issue for me, as I do think they are good (and I am not a normal eater of these things).

J&M Original Cheese Straws
These are much thicker than I thought they would be.  They reminded me of a thicker version of a cheez-it, with a little added heat to each bite.  These were ok, but also had a parmesean taste which I am not a fan of. 

Organic Apple Harvest Crunch Dried Fruit Snack
I love dried fruit and dried apples, so I loved these.  They are crunchy, sweet, and oh so yummy! These taste like other dried apple products I have tried, so if you like them, you should like these!

JJ's Sweets Cocomels in Sea Salt
These were a sample pack of carmel like candies.  I was not expecting them to have a coconut taste to them, but it was not too overpowering.  These are soft and chewy and are nice to grab when you are looking for a sweet snack.

Justin's Almond Butter (3 Packs)
I really liked these, as I like to add these to my breakfast items.  I really want to try to the original without the maple.

Gourmet Basics Smart Fries
These are air popped potato sticks with classic sea salt.  I thought these would be my favorite, but I really did not like them. They are slick feeling and tasted a little paperish to me.  I was expecting these to taste like some other baked fries I have tried, but they were not.

Orgain Nutritional Shake
I actually liked this shack.  I did let it sit in the refriderator over night so I could grab it for a quick breakfast on my way to work.  It was not chalky tasting like some other shakes I have tried.  I would be willing to get some of these for on the go!

Overall, I was pretty happy with this monthly subscription box.  It is snacks, so it is going to personal preference on what you like and do not like.  I would not expect to like every item in any box when it comes to taste.  I did love some items and disliked some items.  Luckily, there was only one to two items I did not even finish or want to finish later.

What do you think?  Want to get snacking?  You can check out Urthbox at or

Thumbs Up:
Great way to try new snacks before paying for something you do not know if you will like
Healthy replacement for other snacks
Great for on the go on a quick snack at the office
Great variety

Thumbs Down:
Many sites have noted some issues with customer service; however, I have had great communication with this company.

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**Urthbox was kind enough to send me this box for review, however; all opinions are unbiased and my own personal opinion.**

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