Friday, September 24, 2021

The Legacy by Elle Kennedy

The Legacy (Off-Campus, #5)The Legacy by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was a little worried about jumping into this as I just love all of these characters so much. I am not one to re-read and since it has been so long since I read this series, I did go through and try to make notes and remind myself of each character.

Some parts were better than others. I really liked how we get to see that all of the players are still friends after all this time.

Logan and Grace were just ok. I was not impressed right off the bat with them being the start of the book. I do not really think it brought much to their story. I also do not love how they keep the secret from all of their friends.

I enjoyed Dean and Allie a little more. I found myself grinning like I did when first learning about these characters. Allie is just as stubborn as always, but I love how they do not give up on each other. I still love Dean!

Tucker and Sabrina was again just ok. Again, it did not do much for me and I found myself drifting when reading.

I have seen several reviews around Hannah and Garrett, but I liked it

I also did not care about the doll at all.

Overall, I enjoyed this for what it is. If it was following different characters I would probably give it a lower star rating. However; I enjoyed it and still loved jumping into this crazy fun world

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