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Welcome to SimplyKelina.blogspot.com!

So, I have decided to start a blog!  I am very excited and nervous at the same time, but wanted a place to be able to share my opinions and reviews on one of my favorite things...Books!!

A little about myself....My name is Kelly C.  Kelina is the Italian name my grandparents used for me when I was younger, and even though I do not use it often, I love it.  I grew up in Northern Michigan, but ten years ago I moved to South GA.  So yes, you will get some northern slang and southern slang in my blog :).

I am a shopaholic/book addict,  If I am not at work, you will find me shopping in town or my head lost in an amazing book.  I love trying new things, but I also stick to who I am.  I am who I am, like it or not.  I am pretty simple and to the point.  I will always be honest with my reviews, as I tell it how it is.  I am a little nervous about the blog for this reason, as my writing style is also simple and to the point.  I have a hard time with adding "fluff".

So, I hope you enjoy and follow me as I start this new journey!

Love, Kelly

Please feel to comment below or contact me at SimplyKelina@gmail.com for tips or questions

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