Saturday, April 1, 2023

If We're Being Honest by Cat Shook

If We're Being HonestIf We're Being Honest by Cat Shook
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was sent a copy of this book from a publisher/publicity team/giveaway. My ratings and reviews will be my own personal opinions and are in no way influenced by publishers or authors who may have sent me books to review.

As soon as I saw that this was recommended for fans of We Are the Brennans by Tracey Lange, I immediately added to my list since I loved that one. Sadly, this one just not work for me the same way.

This starts off with way too many characters and continues to follow too many characters. You get a quick run down in the beginning, but that really does not help until you can start to separate the characters as you listen to their days following their father/grandfathers funeral. Even as the story continued I was still confused on who was who and what was going on.

I kept pushing through as there were a few characters I was interested in finding out more about though. However; everything was very slow. The author also threw way too many social issues/concepts into this and they did not feel genuine the more that came up as reading.

After finishing, I am not really sure what this was even about when thinking about the overall story. It was all a little too hodge podge of people and information that just did not come together to make one cohesive story for me at the end.

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