Friday, November 10, 2023

The Graham Effect by Elle Kennedy

The Graham Effect (Campus Diaries, #1)The Graham Effect by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Off-Campus and Briar U series are some of my absolute favorites! When I heard about this new series, I was so excited!!!

First off, I loved hearing about some of the old cast members. You hear the names of all of the old guys, but this is not about them. Do not expect much more than that. I was not mad at all around this part though. It was fun just trying to remember everything from the older books/characters.

My issue was this was just too long. I found myself bored most of the time. I felt Gigi was so immature around her previous relationship and hiding it from him for so long. It ended up not even being as big of a deal as you are lead it to be. I also did not love the ending. It felt rushed and came out of nowhere. It also did not bring anything to the story for me. I just did not feel the characters were at that level yet. I know there are some time jumps towards the end, and maybe if that was flushed out a little more, the ending would be more believable.

Overall, this one was just ok but I expected more joining two perfect worlds together.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

When Ashes Fall by Marni Mann

When Ashes Fall (Moments in Boston, #1)When Ashes Fall by Marni Mann
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my first Marni Mann read! She is an author that has been on my TBR for years. I also did not know where to start, but I saw so many recommendations for this series so I was excited to see what it was about. I went in blind.

Triggers for mental health, loss, mass trauma, and substance abuse.

I really liked this. I do feel some tropes were thrown in and they were just not needed. The substance abuse with the characters Mom was not flushed out and just thrown in. I thought it was going to set up for another emotional moment and it went nowhere. I do not think it was needed.

I just wanted more. It was sad, but not cry my eyes out sad since you knew what was happening for the most part.

We get a lot more around the past relationship and I wanted more around the current.

Overall, this was a good read but I was expecting a little more.

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