Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Conspiracy by Kat Martin

The Conspiracy (Maximum Security #1)The Conspiracy by Kat Martin


I really love romantic suspense, and this one sounded amazing. Unfortunately, this was not for me and I did end up DNF (did not finish) this one.

This started off really strong, and I thought I would run through this one. Then it took a turn that just lost me. I was not expecting pirates and rebels and such. It was just not something that interested me enough to continue.

I also love romance, and need some sort of romance in a story to really love it. This just did not work for me. It was like steamy and sexy thoughts and scenes were thrown in at the very wrong times. It annoyed me.

Overall, this is disappointing as book two is also on the way and I have no desire to pick it up at this time.

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