Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Right Player by Kandi Steiner

The Right PlayerThe Right Player by Kandi Steiner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

I was sent this book from the publisher/publicity team. My ratings and reviews will be my own personal opinions and are in no way influenced by publishers or authors who may have sent me books to review.

Kandi Steiner is one of my favorite authors and I will read everything she puts out. The Right Player actually follows a character who was in The Wrong Game (which was a five star read for me). I almost forgot about the connection, but you get a glimpse into Gemma and Zack and it even mentions a little around their love story. You do not have to read that to enjoy this one, but I definitely recommend reading that as well.

I listened to this one on audio and I really enjoyed the narrators. I love having a narrator for each main character. They both did a great job with this one.

This one was a little insta-lovey for me. We really did not get much around the building of the relationship between Makoa and Belle. I missed the amazing banter that Kandi normally brings to a romance with her characters.

This was a very sweet predictable romance. I really liked what Makoa brings to the story and I just loved him in general.

This was lacking a little for me though as I was just waiting for something to happen to make this stick out from other romances. It just never brought that factor. It was still really good and I enjoyed it, but I just wanted a little more.

Overall, this one was good but just did not blow me away.

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