Friday, November 21, 2014

Furry Logic, 10th Anniversary Edition By Jane SeaBrook Book Review

Let me start off by saying, the front cover is so adorable.  I was not familiar with the Furry Logic series of books, so I was pleasantly delighted when I finally opened the cover of this light-hearted read.  Check it out...

What is it?
Furry Logic, A Guide to Life's Little Challenges is a cute little book by Jane Seabrook.

What it costs?
Furry Logic is available in both hardcover or e-book formats.  The e-book can be purchased for $7.99.  The hard copy is available for $9.18.  You can find both, here.

"Smile first thing in the morning, Get it over with."

If you do not know what you are expecting, you find out right away.  I was smiling and found myself laughing out loud even after the first page.  This book starts off with, “Smile first thing in the morning…Get it over with.”  I loved it!  I was not expecting this when I first decided to give this book a try.

I also love the characters and/or animals depicted in this book.  They all bring each of the quotes or witty sayings to life.

Sorry about the picture, but I thought this was another cute one.  "I don't repeat gossip, so listen carefully."

This book is a must have to bring a smile to your day.  I really do recommend giving it a try if you have not been able to do so.  It is a very quick one sentence per page read.

This would make a great gift to just about anyone.

Thumbs Up:
Love the hardcover book
Great size
Funny and Sarcastic

Thumbs Down:

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Thank you to Blogging for Books for the opportunity to try this complimentary book in exchange for an honest review.  

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  1. I wasn't familiar with these either - what an adorable book!