Friday, September 15, 2023

Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Block Shot (Hoops, #2)Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan

I loved Long Shot so much and was so excited to jump right into book two! Sadly, this is going to be a DNF for me.

This started off with the main character being told to blank "the fat girl." That was not my issue at all. My issue was that as soon we jump into the future, the alleged "fat girl" who was not even fat was very focused on losing weight and her health. It was all about going to the gym and being on weight watchers. Then it was revealed she was ONLY a size 10! I just could not!

This man started off liking her the way she was, and I wish even if she was not a bigger girl, they would have kept her as she was.

I was just too over it way too quickly to keep going if that was going to talked about over and over again.

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