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Spirit Warrior by Ella J. Smyth: Book Tour Spotlight

Spirit Warrior
Spirit Walker
Book Three
Ella J. Smyth

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Unapologetic Romances

Date of Publication: 26th August 2018

ISBN: 9781386686910

Number of pages: 299
Word Count: 65600

Cover Artist: CoverMe Designs

Tagline: A mighty spirit walker with a personal grudge, set to destroy them both.

Book Description:

Adi and Honi journey to Southern Oklahoma to meet Honi’s Mekui’te tribe at the reservation where he grew up. Honi’s infectious excitement almost erases Adi’s apprehension at meeting his family, and she’s desperate to make a good impression.

When Adi is met with silent hostility that gets worse rather than better, she realizes there may be more to the initial resistance Honi had warned her to expect.

Honi is confused and hurt by his family’s reaction, and by Adi’s increasingly strange behavior. She’s claiming the spirit animals of his tribe are diseased and sickly, but they look just fine to him. On top of that, when Adi meets Honi’s ex, Nina, her jealousy gets way out of hand, and threatens to drive them apart.

While mysterious forces manipulate and distort their realities, can Honi and Adi join forces to figure out what is happening before it’s too late and they are separated forever?

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Spirit Warrior – Excerpt, by Ella J. Smyth

Soon the house was filled with people laughing and chatting. Honi was right in the middle of it, and Adi stood by the wall, watching and listening. She didn’t really mind. Honi had been gone for several years, rarely visiting his community. It had been a good eighteen months since he’d last returned. More than once she caught curious glances in her direction, not all of them friendly. It wasn’t that people were aggressive towards her, but there was a level of coldness the odd time they spoke to her. Honi had warned her.

“They’ll love you, but it might take a while. We’ve not had much luck with outsiders. Have faith. And patience.”

Then he’d kissed her, and she’d been ready to take on the world for him. Still, she hadn’t expected this level of disinterest or outright antagonism.

There was one girl in particular that kept looking at her. She was very beautiful with the long, thick, black hair that was so common among Honi’s friends and family. Tall, slender, with the most perfect skin, she was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt like most of the people around here. On her, these ordinary clothes looked like high-fashion.

A cold lump sat in Adi’s stomach as she watched the girl standing next to Honi, her hand on his arm in a familiar gesture. Honi turned towards her, covered her hand with his, and smiled at what she was saying to him.

Adi and Honi had gone through so much together that it had forged a special bond between them. And she had no reason to feel as insecure as she did right now. She fought hard to silence the voice that insisted that she was surplus to requirements.

"They look lovely together, don’t they?"

Adi turned her head. The woman standing next to her took a sip from a beer bottle.

"A bit early for drinking, isn’t it?”

Adi heard her bitchiness, but she couldn’t help herself. The woman’s comment had really pissed her off. The woman looked at her sideways, seemingly unoffended.

"Honi and Nina have known each other since they were kids. You know they used to date, right? A man never forgets his first love."

Smiling slyly, the woman pushed herself off the wall and moved away to talk to someone else. Adi was left open-mouthed. What the hell was that? Did that woman just imply that Honi and this girl still had feelings for each other? A loud laugh drew her gaze back to her boyfriend. Honi had thrown his head back and bellowed out a loud belly laugh, while the girl still had her hand on his arm, looking pleased.

Adi had just about had enough. She pushed through the throng of people surrounding Honi until she stood in front of him.

"Hi, darling. Would you like to introduce me to your friend?"

About the Author:

Unapologetic Romances Because Love Needs No Excuses

Growing up in Germany, Ella always had a passion for myths and fairytales. No surprise then that she married an Irishman and lived 6 years in Ireland, the country of Leipreachán, Sidhe, Púca and other fascinating creatures. There's nothing like walking at night through a deserted laneway, fog swirling around your feet, knowing that maybe, just maybe, on the other side of the hedge, there might be some old lady in a black cloak waiting for you...

If you got the shivers right now, you know why Ella feels compelled to write stories around the supernatural and paranormal. There's nothing like a delicious shudder making you enjoy life just a little more... Plus she’s a romantic.

So look forward to modern romantic stories set against the background of ancient myths and legends. Ella hopes you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoys writing them!

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