Saturday, June 8, 2019

Darkness to Light: A Memoir by Lamar Odom

Darkness to Light: A MemoirDarkness to Light: A Memoir by Lamar Odom
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4.5 Stars

I was not really sure how this would go as some memoirs are really good and some fall really flat. I am a huge NBA fan and have followed a little bit around Lamar Odom over the years. My husband also really wanted to read this, so I was excited to have a copy sent my way.

When it started I did feel the writing was a little choppy, and the story was all over the place. However; it all came together for me in the end.

You will get a lot about his NBA career and the demons he has faced since he was a little kid. I was wondering if he would be open in regards to his drug use, and he was. This was very raw and made me cry several times. He does address his overdoses (there are more than one) which also made me cry my eyes out.

I learned so much about other NBA players, coaches, teammates, and owners. My jaw dropped with some of the information. There was interesting information around how Lamar ended up in school (very interesting especially with all the college scandals going on today).

There is some information around Khloe, but I do not think this is for you if you only want to read it for the KUWTK information. It is very limited, but really shows the love Lamar had for Khloe.

Overall, I really enjoyed this.

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