Saturday, February 23, 2019

Gracie's Secret by Jill Childs

Gracie's SecretGracie's Secret by Jill Childs

No Rating-DNF

What would you do if you got a phone call saying your three old child was in a car accident and is now in a coma? Right from the start, this story had me guessing. Was this a romance? A thriller? I did go into this blind and as I was reading I was caught off guard a little. This read more like a Christian suspense than anything else (however; I did not finish this so I am not sure if that changed).

I have to agree with others though. I just never could get into this story. It had so much potential, but it just feel flat. It was repetitive at times, and I wanted more. I feel the characters and the plot were all service level. There was never really much development around either. I kept reading as I was hoping something would happen to capture my attention, but I found myself trying to force myself through it. I did want to know what happens at the end, so I skimmed to find out.

Overall, this one just did not connect with me. I ended up DNF and skipping to the end. I was sent a copy from the publisher.

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