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Playing with Power by Vanessa Liebe: Book Tour Spotlight with Giveaway

Playing with Power
Vanessa Liebe

Genre: Erotic Romance Paranormal/ Fantasy

Publisher: Blushing Books

Date of Publication: 25th May

Number of pages:101

Cover Artist:Eris Adderly

Tagline: Playing with Power can get a girl into all sorts of trouble …

Book Description:

Playing with power can land a girl in all sorts of trouble with her man, as six ladies soon discover. Whether she’s a witch who disobeys the no-magic rule, a fairy making lust cakes, an amateur sorceress casting a spell on her boyfriend, a victim of an enchanted necklace, a revenge fairy messing with a deity, or a pleasure fairy abusing her abilities...

Once they’ve experienced the sensual consequences of playing with their magical powers, can these ladies find their happily for now with a hint of forever? Or have they spoiled their chances?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy anthology contains elements of power exchange.

Excerpt PG13 From ‘Amateur Witch’

A thrill of anticipation filled her. She was going to do this.
Tammy picked up her cell phone, called her best friend and waited impatiently for Cheryl to answer. “Hi, Cheryl. I’ve got all the things from that Wicca shop. And I can’t wait to do the spell on James.” 
Cheryl laughed down the phone. “Slow down, Tam. You’re going a bit quick, but I can hear the excitement in your voice. You’re actually going to try a spell out on him?” 
“Yes, I am. I know I’ve tried a few spells and they haven’t really worked, but this time will be different, you’ll see. I’ve read up on this one and I know I’ve got all the correct ingredients for the spell.” 
There was an ominous sigh down the phone. 
“I don’t know, Tam. Is it dangerous?” 
“Shouldn’t be.” Tammy attempted to assure her friend as she sat cross-legged on her bed looking at the strange ingredients she had bought. 
“What do you have to do to him?”  “Oh, I have to make a drink and get him to drink it. Then he should be open to my suggestions about what I want him to wear and we’ll come to your Halloween party in our costumes.” 
Cheryl laughed. “I can’t wait. I know James likes a party, but he hates to dress up.” 
“Exactly. Hence the spell to make him want to wear a costume. We’re so compatible in every way apart from the fancy dress issue. I love dressing up, he doesn’t.” 
“Not even for role play?” 
Tammy laughed. “No. Flat out refuses to dress up for me even in private. But that will change tonight. I want him in a costume just for one night. Where’s the harm in that?” 
“What is he going to be once you’ve bewitched him?” 
“A sexy vampire. I’ve got him some yellow contacts for his eyes and some realistic looking fangs. Not those cheap plastic things.” 
“Sounds great, Tam. Now, I have to go, because I’ve got to get everything ready for the party and I’ve got a hot outfit of my own to put on. What are you going to be?” 
“A witch, of course. I have a skimpy outfit that will get my vamp hot under the collar and his fangs drooling. Bye, Cheryl.” 
“Bye, Tam.” 
Tammy hung up and looked at the ingredients dubiously. Some of them did look quite gross, like the dried lizard’s foot. “How the hell am I supposed to get James to drink all this?”  And she felt a bit guilty. James thought that fancy dress was optional for the party. He had no idea he was going to be drinking a disgusting potion and that his girlfriend was going to be putting a spell on him so that he would have no choice but to wear a costume. 
Tammy bit her lip. “I’d better get making this drink before I change my mind. It’ll be worth it, and he’ll enjoy himself once he’s at the party drinking.” 
Everything would be okay. If she kept telling herself that, she might start believing it.
Gathering up the ingredients, she went downstairs to her kitchen. The spell book didn’t say you couldn’t blend them. It had merely stated that they needed mixing together. Tammy put them all into the blender and watched as the ingredients turned into a frothy caramel coloured mess. “Urgh, gross, but at least it looks like one of those health shake things he drinks.” She turned the blender off. Tammy smelled it as she took the jug out and was amazed it didn’t smell disgusting like she was expecting it to. “It even smells like one of his shakes.” 
Satisfied that for once one of her forays into magic seemed to be working, Tammy poured the potion into a pint glass and put it in the fridge.

About the Author:

Vanessa Liebe is the author of fun, sexy erotic romance and erotica, both contemporary and historical. She mostly writes in the Fantasy and Paranormal categories as she likes a man with bite.

Vanessa is married with three children and resides in Hampshire, South East England. When not house training her children, reading or writing, she likes to sit in the garden with a glass of rose wine.

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