Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Song for Jess by Meg Buchanan: Promo

About the Book

Title: Song for Jess

Author: Meg Buchanan

Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance

Aspiring musician Isaac can make the violin weep, the guitar sob, and the piano talk of lives unfulfilled. 

Jess dreams of becoming an artist and her paintings show real promise.

Once they get together Isaac and Jess are inseparable. They spend the summer holidays at her family’s beach house. They plan a life of travelling the world with Isaac making music and Jess painting. But when they return home, everything changes.

Will Isaac and Jess follow their dreams?

Can true love survive the choices they make? 

Song for Jess is a bittersweet tale of love and loss, guaranteed to break your heart.

Author Bio

Meg Buchanan lives in Paeroa, which is in the Coromandel in New Zealand. Her husband and a black labrador live with her.

Meg has been writing for the last five years, most of her books are set in the Coromandel as it has a rich history and is spectacularly beautiful. It also has advantage beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and Paeroa has streets that already have names, couple of rivers and a mountain nearby, and neighbouring towns, so she saves time on world building.


Author Page on Junction Publishing: https://junction-publishing.com/authors/meg-buchanan/

Book Excerpts

Excerpt 1

Jess and I were going to have a coke while we watched TV. I went to get a couple of cans, but we were down to the last one. I gave it to Jess. She pulled the tab off, took a few sips, looked at me speculatively, then leaned over and kissed me. I could feel the cool stickiness of the coke slide down my chin. She licked it up.

I’m not slow, I took the can off her, touched the rim against her bottom lip and she parted her lips a fraction. When I tipped the can a little of the coke went into her mouth and the rest trickled down her neck. I leaned forward and followed the cool, sticky trail with my tongue lapping it up, finishing at the hollow between her breasts.

I hadn’t got it all and a small brown stain spread over the little white top thing she was wearing. I moved back up to her lips and watched the half smile appear. She took the can of coke off me and had a sip again. Holding my gaze she made a dribble with her tongue from the corner of my mouth to my shoulder blade then moved her lips over the trail back to mine.

Then I should have taken my turn, but I turned out the light. I figured it wasn’t the type of game that needed a lot of light. The flickering from the television did a pretty good job of showing us what we needed to see.

This time I held the can, studying her, and planning where the next trail would start. I tipped a trickle onto her shoulder and let it run down her arm and then followed with my mouth to her fingers. She drew in a breath, then she lifted my T-shirt over my head and had another sip of coke. She let it dribble from the hollow at the base of my throat to the top of my jeans and followed it with her tongue. I could feel my stomach muscles tightening.

I pulled away from her, watched her face as I pushedthe straps off her shoulders, and eased the top down to her waist, so her nipples stared at me like two eyes. A trickle of coke slid down her back from her shoulder to the base of her spine. I turned her around and followed the coke with my mouth tasting her skin.

Then it was her turn.

Then mine.

Then hers.

Then suddenly we’re just a tangle of arms and legs on the floor all enthusiasm and energy.

We made one hell of a mess.

But fuck it was fun.

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