Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blue Velveteen-September 2014 Review **Update-NO LONGER IN BUSINESS**

I was so excited to get this box, especially after seeing the reviews!  It finally came, and I was not impressed! 

Blue Velveteen is a new monthly subscription box which is geared towards teens and young professionals.  It is $10 a month.  August was the premier box for this company and included the following:
Sexyhair Bath and Body wash
Macadamia Leave-In Cream
NYX Loose powder eye Shadow
Ciate Mini Polish
Sparkly Blue Hair Tie….FOR REAL!  What is this for??

I did not break this down by product with pictures and prices.  I have not been impressed with this company or their response to the issues they had their first month.  This will be my first and last box with this company.  
Unfortunately, I was not happy with this box and cancelled the same day it arrived.  My box did not contain the same items as other reviews, and the value is just not there for me to continue even at $10.

The packaging is pretty, but not something that can be reused for other projects like some of the other boxes.

Thumbs Up:
$10 boxes
Cute packaging

Thumbs Down:
Customer service in regards to feedback after the initial box release
Hard to cancel-You have to e-mail or Facebook and cannot cancel on the website
Website needs improvement-Limited information

What did you think about the first BV box?  Comment below

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  1. This box was horrible and I agree with the bad customer service issues. Wonder how this month will be?